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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Groove is in the Heart...

...at the Dee Light Bakery in Balham. I'd read about this exciting new business on Twitter thanks to a timely tweet by Dan Lepard (who writes a column for The Guardian). Dan has a lot of great things to say about baking, so if he recommends something, I usually want to check it out. So on a cold and sunny Saturday morning I headed off to Balham, South London to investigate. Bread, pastries and lots of lovely quiches are all baked on the premises by Dee and her team.  It was a hive of activity with locals popping in for a freshly baked loaf or a Flat White. The coffee is good and that's a key test in my book, so they won me over with that. They serve Vegemite - tick! And the bread is great. Tick! It's wholesome, substantial and isn't full of air. I also grabbed a Chelsea Bun to go with my coffee that was spicy with cinnamon with just the right amount of fruit and was perfect in every way. Dee Light opened just before Christmas 2011 and I believe in not only supporting local business, but supporting local bakeries (they are a dying breed). You can grab a drink, breakfast, brunch, sandwiches and lunch. The bread is REAL and tastes so, so much better than from a supermarket. It's got a lot going for it, so much so, that I simply has to shout about it. GO TO DEE LIGHT BAKERY!

14 Ritherdon Road, Balham, SW17 8QD


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